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“I hear him,” Alice whimpered, striking her temple over and over and over again. “He’s hungry.”

“What’re you doin’ up there, kid?” Jamie hid her wavering voice behind a chuckle. “You’re gonna catch your death out here. Wind’s picking up.”

Alice’s grey eyes cleared enough to hold her still. “He’s telling me to eat you right now.”

“First taste was pretty good, then?” she asked, squeezing her shoulder. That threw out the knife theory… “He’s not real. Remember? C’mon, let’s exercise together. What’s five things you can see?”

Alice’s lip quivered. “S…snow? And…and trees.” Her neck stiffened, head shaking, eyes squeezed shut around a fresh torrent of tears. When they opened, they gleamed the brightest yellow. “Food.”

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The Author


Alyssa Adamson lives in a quiet New Jersey neighborhood with her husband, Pomeranian, and two cats. Filling every moment of her spare time with writing a different kind of romance: a romance where girls can save boys, characters speak like real people, and happy endings aren’t a given.

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The Amaryllis

Eden should’ve died in that car crash. It would’ve been the human thing to do. Unfortunately, since meeting the mysterious Phil Bronwyn, human things are becoming few and far between. For a seventeen-year-old living in Joy, Georgia, a fascination with the new boy shouldn’t be the only thing that makes Eden feel like she belongs. But with nothing to show for her free time but a gig in her parents’ flower shop, a single friend, and a penchant for panic attacks, she has trouble relating to people her own age.

Maybe that’s what drew him to her.

Phil is running: from exposure, from his sister’s impending death, and from the pain that molded him into the creature of darkness he has become. He’s thrown up walls that make feelings for Eden as impossible as falling in love with the steak on your plate. At least, that’s what he tells himself. Worlds collide when Phil is unable to stand by and watch the object of his long-dormant affections burn to death in that car, even if saving her means damning her. Even if saving her means leaving her best friend to rot. Even if saving her means unleashing a darkness far greater than that which dwells in the soul of a demon:

The one that dwells in ours.